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Abstract:Unsustainable agricultural land use will lead to an increased risk of soil erosion and soil degradation. However, few studies have investigated impacts of changes in root and soil properties on the soil detachment process. Therefore, we investigated the effects of agricultural land use on the relative contribution of root and soil properties to soil detachment capacity. Soil samples were collected from six different land use types and subjected to flow scouring under six shear stresses ranging from 4.98 to 16.37 Pa. Agricultural land use influenced root distribution and soil properties in the soil surface layer. Root length density, root surface area density, and root volume density in orchards with no cover, orchards with grass cover, and farmland were less than those of grassland samples. Different land use types affected soil detachment capacity. Bare land, farmland, and orchards with no cover were more vulnerable to erosion, while forest, orchard with grass cover, and grassland showed little soil detachment. Soil detachment capacity decreased exponentially with increasing soil bulk density, aggregate stability, organic matter, and root mass density. The root mass density and aggregate stability had the greatest contribution to the soil detachment capacity. Agricultural land use increases the risk of soil erosion; a groundcover management strategy, such as planting grass in orchard, could effectively increase the fine root distribution and aggregate stability to control soil erosion.Keywords: soil erosion; soil detachment capacity; land use change; vegetation roots; soil properties

Virtual Dj 8 Effects And Samples Free Download

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