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A Comprehensive Guide to A Hameed Shahid's Books on Economics

brother hameed says that many of those who have left the nation of islam are now creating their own black muslim or islam organizations, often without mentioning that the prophets writings are the muslim way of life. this is how they try to distinguish themselves from the nation of islam, he notes. they pretend to be what they are not. the nation of islam stands for the time when islam was non-existent, when muslims were slaves. as long as the muslims are slaves, we are all slaves. this is the basic principle.

A Hameed Shahid Economics Books

brother hameed is a member of the san francisco bay area committee for justice, and he has also worked for the san francisco human rights commission and the san francisco anti-violence project. he is a long-time member of the masjid al-tauheed, which he helped found in the 1980s. he has done business with them as an author.

he has also been sharply critical of the muslim immigrant community, which he says he had originally been a part of. through his books, he has also convincingly and meticulously demonstrated that the muslim immigrant community in america had a history of anti-black racism before the arrival of the muslims and muslim immigrants in the late 1970s. he maintains that islam, as a religion, has played an integral part in the oppression of blacks. moreover, he has been particularly vocal in his criticism of certain phrases and acts of muslim american communities that he believes are racist, such as the phrase arab or islamic? and the arab spring, which is a belief that the arab world only leads to oppression and tyranny. he also lambasts the muslim immigrants who do not think of black americans as human beings with the same rights and dignity as themselves and who believe that the message of peace and brotherhood that emanates from islam is antithetical to the black american experience and lifestyle. he also denounces the black muslims who go to the extremes of saying that black americans are not human beings, but are subhuman. he insists that black americans should not be ruled by the dictates of islam, because islam is a religion that does not allow for equal rights and treatment for all human beings.

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