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Bioseparationsprinciplesandtechniquesbybsivasankarebookfreedownload !LINK!

the purpose of this course is to present, discuss and review the practical applications of bioseparations in the context of different biotechnologies. this is intended as an introductory course to help beginners understand the basics of this field and as an advanced course for more experienced researchers who are working in this field.


this course is primarily for phd students and postdoctoral researchers who are actively working in the bioseparations field but is also open to others interested in using these technologies for their own research.

january 16: the second session will begin at 9am with introductions and course overview, and will last until 10am. please note that this session is a review of the previous session, and therefore you can expect some overlap in the content between sessions. it is intended to give participants an overview of the techniques we covered during the previous session.

  • to begin, let us have a look at some different bioseparations: filtration can be defined as a process of separation, based on the size of the object. here, one or more pores or membranes are present in a network that is meant to prevent the passage of larger molecules through it.

  • differential centrifugation is based on a difference in densities of the cells that are being separated. the cells are spun at a low speed, and the slower ones sink to the bottom. the faster moving cells stay at the top of the container.

  • immuno-affinity cell sorting is a method of sorting cells based on a particular molecule on the surface of the cell.

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